Classroom Design

Engineering Learning Assistant Pedagogy Course

In collaboration with Chandra Turpen, Ayush Gupta, and Emilia Tanu, I co-designed a pedagogy seminar for undergraduate peer educators in a freshman engineering design course. This course adapted the Learning Assistant model to engineering design contexts. We described our teaching goals, how we designed toward those goals, and our evaluation of the course in a conference paper presented at the American Society of Engineering Education. I mentored Emilia Tanu on a study understanding how Learning Assistants drew on empathy to support their teaching.

  • Quan, G. M., & Turpen, C. A., & Gupta, A., & Tanu, E. D. (2017, June), Designing a Course for Peer Educators in Undergraduate Engineering Design Courses Paper presented at 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Tanu, E. D., & Quan, G. M., & Gupta, A., & Turpen, C. A. (2017, June), The Role of Empathy in Supporting Teaching Moves of Engineering Design Peer Educators Paper presented at 2017 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Columbus, Ohio.

Physics 299B Research Seminar

In collaboration with Sonali Shukla, I co-designed and co-taught a research seminar which focuses on research skills, community building, and reflection. Students in the seminar were paired with outside research mentors and worked on research for 3-5 hours per week. Our classroom design explicitly attended to fostering identity development and contesting typical university models of weeding out students by supporting alternative pathways to success in physics.

Summer Girls Physics Summer Camp

Summer Girls is a free day-camp for high schoolers students that has been run by the UMD Physics Department for over 20 years. I designed and taught a project-based Arduino design component as part of the modern physics course.